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1/01/18 (Mon Afternoon) Tokyo After Hours New Year's Day 2018 @ R-LOUNGE

1/08/18 (Mon Holiday Afternoon) House of UNION @ 0 Zero Nagi (Dazzle Drums)

1/14/18 (Sunday Afternoon) Block Party @ 0 Zero

1/26/18 (Fri) THE OATH @ OATH

2/03/18 (Sat) LiLiTH @ Contact Tokyo Dazzle Drums playing Contact Floor

2/03/18 (Sat) Blen Da House @ Aoyama Hachi Dazzle Drums playing 3F Floor

2/11/17 (Sun Before Holiday All Night) Block Party @ 0 Zero

2/16/18 (Fri) Music Of Many Colours @ Contact Tokyo with DJ Jacko (TR Records / Italy)

3/11/18 (Sun Afternoon) Block Party @ 0 Zero

3/20/18 (Tue Before Holiday) @ OTHREE PLUS Kokura

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